Monday, July 16, 2012

Gyaru Attempts (Spam)

These two were in June 

I needed to experiment with different eye shapes

I cut off the back of one of my wigs to make short hair
but I don't have any bottom lashes on cause I was lazy =.=

From Sunday (most current) 
I really like this eyeshape because I'm now that good
other eyeshapes yet 
But I hope to learn! 

Reasons why I rarely post

  • I'm lazy
  • I have no clue to talk about cause I can't really buy anything cause I have to save up for school
but I will try to post more cause I gotten a lot of page views lately and a few new followers and I don't want to dissapoint so I will TRY TRY TRY to do that from now on.

GAL VIP!!!!!

Yes I had to add extra exclamation points to that but that still can't compare to how excited I am! omg
The models are people I look up too! plus a friend of mine is a Artist for the magizine (Mandy) like omg I just can't hold in all my emotions and also it's going to be a early birthday present to me cause my birthday is in September (the 18th)! sahndakjhdkjlh YEah I just can't wait and to learn new things from amazing gals and guys.

You should spread the word to you friends who are interested in the gyaru(o) lifestyle cause I belive it's going to be a HUGE HIT!!
(Also sorry I'm a little late on posting)