Wednesday, October 19, 2011

UGH I didn't do my haul.

I totally forgot I have Ortho today and had to get my contacts so I was gone all day now I don't feel like doing it now.
I'll probably do it sometime this week, but i'm super happy cause I know my contact
prescription so I can buy circle contacts when I get my allowance.
but I took a picture of what I wore yesterday and it was super cute~
I have the gyaru look but no eyelashes!

I really need to buy some maybe I can ask my mom for money when she gets paid next week.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh yeah I almost forgot

I'm doing a haul tomorrow on all the things I brought since my last haul so be on the lookout for that~

AHHH! Sorry for not posting!

sorry I haven't been posting lately! Even though I said I would v_v umm I had a birthday so now i'm 15!~ I need to buy my gyaru things D: I have no eyelashes *gasp* lol but I really need to buy some more. I don't have the confidence to wear gyaru outside of the house so I need to work on that.Oh and I should also invest into some wigs when I have the money cause I got my hair cut shorter TT^TT regret it cause it's too short I found a really good website I want 

they're all so reasonable prices! I also want some clothes but if I post that it'll be endless scrolling :)
School got boring really fast! ugh I'm ready for thanksgiving break!
that's a follow up in my life I hope you guys also had a wonderful week~
Oh and here are some pictures of my haircut