Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gyaruo Attempt and new BB cream!

Over the weekend I tried a gyaruo look cause I was bored OTZ

For the first try I like to say it's okay??
I probably needed to use more gel but it's like a 
gyaruo/ Korean model look I guess
Also this weekend I got my first BB cream!

I got to say this is a really good BB cream for my first!
I leaves my skin soft after I take it off omg
like for my first drug store BB cream I give it a 9/10
I took one point off cause I have to rub it a little to get it the right shade

Monday, July 16, 2012

Gyaru Attempts (Spam)

These two were in June 

I needed to experiment with different eye shapes

I cut off the back of one of my wigs to make short hair
but I don't have any bottom lashes on cause I was lazy =.=

From Sunday (most current) 
I really like this eyeshape because I'm now that good
other eyeshapes yet 
But I hope to learn! 

Reasons why I rarely post

  • I'm lazy
  • I have no clue to talk about cause I can't really buy anything cause I have to save up for school
but I will try to post more cause I gotten a lot of page views lately and a few new followers and I don't want to dissapoint so I will TRY TRY TRY to do that from now on.

GAL VIP!!!!!

Yes I had to add extra exclamation points to that but that still can't compare to how excited I am! omg
The models are people I look up too! plus a friend of mine is a Artist for the magizine (Mandy) like omg I just can't hold in all my emotions and also it's going to be a early birthday present to me cause my birthday is in September (the 18th)! sahndakjhdkjlh YEah I just can't wait and to learn new things from amazing gals and guys.

You should spread the word to you friends who are interested in the gyaru(o) lifestyle cause I belive it's going to be a HUGE HIT!!
(Also sorry I'm a little late on posting)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wahh I'm not dead guys

Hello everybody! -(^.^)/
I know I said I will be posting more but I have been to lazy
plus I don't really know what to talk about on here....
but here are some pictures on my looks over these past

I really liked this look cause it's more rokku and dark 

trying new things with my makeup

I was actually trying out a "sweet" look 
I drew freckles on my cheeks (@'.'@)
I also gotten a hair cut
cut both of the sides off and left the top and the back 
but I might shave the back off also soon
I've also done some soul searching
and I'll make a post about that soon
Thank you and I SWEAR I'll post more cause
I love you guys <3

Friday, May 11, 2012

Improvement takes time (RANT)

This may come off as rude but you can't just put on eye shadow and eyeliner and call yourself gyaru after the first attempt. People need to realize it takes TIME you can just get it the first time. This kind of style is test and trial and criticism is a gal's best friend it helps you improve don't be afraid to ask for help and when you get help TAKE IT! I have learn that criticism helps you improve get better.I f you seriously want to be a Gal don't ignore or brush off anything gals with more experience say. If you don't want to be made a fool of on g_s learn to improve! Don't act like you know anything about gyaru makeup when your best is not the best at all. See my first gyaru attempt was in the summer of 2011:
It took me a 11 months to improve! It's not just a one time deal unless you actually know what you are doing
This is me now much better of a improvement, but I have so much to learn now
I'm sorry if this might offend you but I'm so sick and tired of gals making the gaijin community look bad
(Rant over)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Going out with friends!

outfit is more visual kei-ish or rokku-ish I just can't find my frilly socks!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Wrap up of the week!

I got my bottom lashes today in the mail and I also got my contacts this week! (Picture spam!)

When I first tried them

A cute tissue box in Drivers Ed!

I pass my Drivers test and I got my permit today! 

That's all that happened to me this week that was good!